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Words translated Eternal

Aionion, Aionios, Aioniou, are different forms of Strong Number 166.  It is often translated in Latin, English and other translations as Eternal or Everlasting in many key verses.  And ultimately the enemies of Universalism are entirely dependent on that translation being accurate.

I don't want to get too deep into the linguistic arguments others have made, starting with how they come from Aion which means Age (Eon comes from Aion), which makes the use of it's Hebrew equivalent Olam in Daniel 12 the same issue.

No, the point today is to use Scripture to interpret Scripture, to show two places, two confirming witnesses, where Scripture uses this word in a way that in context totally contradicts it meaning eternal.  Naturally these verses aren't the occurrences of the word used to build the doctrine of Eternal punishment.

Romans 16:25 in the KJV.
Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,
In the Greek the last two words are Aionion and a word that means "kept secret".  Aionion is translated "since the world began".  There are other places where Aion is translated world rather then Age, like "My Kingdom is not of this World", and Paul calling Satan the "God of this World", it should be Age not World there as we know in the future Jesus will take ruler-ship of the Kosmos from Satan.  The very next verse says "but now is made manifest".  Proving that it can refer to a time period that will expire.

The other key verse is Jude verse 7.
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
"Eternal fire" there is Aioniou fire.  There it is used in the exact same form it is in Mark 3:29, John 6:68, Hebrews 6:2, Romans 16:26 referring to the "Everlasting God".

Obviously the fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah isn't still raging north of the Dead Sea.

But also important is that Ezekiel 16:53 says that Sodom will be restored just as Samaria and Jerusalem are promised to be restored.  Sodom had no survivors, they considered Lot a foreigner living among them even on their last day, and Lot's descendants became their own nations, Moab and Amon.  And no one was a believer who perished in Sodom's destruction.  Sodom can only be restored if eventually Jesus shed Blood redeems even the Sodomites.

In Revelation 22, those who were cast into the Lake of Fire are now just outside New Jerusalem.  And in in the Sheeps and Goats Judgment of Matthew 25, people overlook that neither the Sheeps or Goats were those who believed in Jesus in this life.

Luke 3:6 says that all mankind will see God's Salvation.  Romans 5:18-19 says that as by one Man's Sin all are condemned, so by one Man's righteousness all men are Justified.   Romans 11:32 says all Men are bound to Disobedience so that he might have Mercy on ALL men.  1 Corinthians 15:22 says as in Adam all die so in Christ ALL shall be made alive.  And Peter tells us it is God's preference that none shall perish.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lex Meyer's book Immortal advocates for Soul Sleep and Annihilationism

I've watched his two part interview with Rob Skiba on YouTube.

I agree in the sense that contemporary Heaven is not what we are looking forward to.  And while I disagree with Soul Sleep, rejecting The Resurrection, or arguing it is not a liberal Bodily Resurrection is far worse a false doctrine. And I agree with him that being Born Again refers to the Resurrection.

Much of what he says is stuff I already addressed in The Soul and Spirit Biblically.  And I will be doing a separate post on the Prophecy Blog about what he has to say regarding Enoch and Elijah.  But that spins off from what I've already argued regarding them.  And I agree with him over Rob Skiba about The Book of Enoch and Jasher being bad sources.

I can also agree with his take on the Witch of Endor and Samuel, in fact he convinced me of that, it does go against how I've mentioned it here before.  And I agree on the Rich Man and Lazursus of Luke 16 being a Parable and not something to build doctrine on.  And his take on the point of what Jesus said to the Sadducees in Matthew 22 is also valid.

And I agree there is no pre-existence, the Soul is created when The Body is given Life at first Breath.

But he doesn't address the references to Sheol/Hades in 1 Peter 3 and 4, or Ezekiel 32, or other passages considered relevant to he Harrowing of Hell.  Zechariah 9 also refers to souls in prison.  And verses in the Torah that refer to Abraham joining his father when he died, and Moses joining Aaron, though they were buried far apart.  And Jesus promises His believers they would Never Die in John 11:26.

Meanwhile it is dangerous to build doctrine on Ecclesiastes, that book is partly Solomon describing things how they seem to mortal eyes, to proclaim all that wrong at the end.  Christian absolutely do believe in something New under the Sun, the New Testament.

My biggest issue is his writing off the Matthew 27:52-53 Resurrections as temporary Resurrections like Lazarus.  I believe firmly this verse is tied directly to Revelation 12, only other time the Resurrection is refereed to where Many rather then All are raised.  This ties in directly to the Harrowing of Hell, Jesus lead the Dead out of Sheol on the 15th of Nisan, same day Moses lead Israel out of Egypt.

He's a Post-Tribber, so he unlike me things Revelation is not Chronological.  The "First Resurrection" is a classification rather then a chronological sequence.  Probably NONE were Resurrected in that chapter, they are simply refereed to, they followed Jesus in Revelation 19.

I also agree that Plato is the source of much bad doctrine.  But my problems with Plato are more in how he broke with the usual views of the Pagan Greeks before him.  The Pagan Greek view of the After Life was no more or less wrong then what the Pagan Canaanites believed which it was pretty much based on.  And The Hebrew Bible condemns a lot about the Pagan Canaanites but never the gist of their view of the after life.  The issue is they were the opposite of Universalism, they believed in no hope of escape from Sheol/Hades for anyone.

Also the assumed After Life view of casual Christianity which I find just as annoying as he does, comes from Zoroastrianism rather then Gnosticism.  If any Gnostics believed an After Life view similar to the Zoroastrians it was the Persia based Manicheans who Augustine came out of.  But generally the Gnostics believed all Souls were part of one original Soul.  Sometimes it's Sophia as The World Soul, sometimes it's the Pleroma.  We see a similar idea expressed in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith, when Yoda says that the dead become one with The Force, and the closing Yoda arch episodes of Clone Wars elaborated on that concept.  We also see this when some modern New Agey type people say so and so "merges with the Infinite" when the die.

We also see in Acts 23:8-9 that the Sadducees didn't just deny the Resurrection, they also denied the existence of Spirits and Angels.  From what can learn outside The Bible they also seem to have believed in an ancient form of Deisim, a belief that a Creator God exists but that he is uninterested in interfering in Human affairs.  Deisim seems to have arguably began with Aristotle and his Unmoving Mover idea.  And Aristole also rejected Plato's doctrine of an immortal Soul.  So denying the immortal Soul also comes from Greek philosophy.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Pre-Islamic Arabs were an important part of Early Church History

The history of Arabia and Christianity I think ultimately begins with the theory I proposed last year that The Magi came from Yemen rather then Persia.

Acts 2:11 confirms Jews of Arabia were at Pentecost.

Perhaps the first Arab Christian was Agabus, the Prophet mentioned in Acts 11.  Some have argued his name is neither Hebrew or Aramaic or Greek but makes most sense as being Arabic.  Since I agree with Bill Cooper in After The Flood that the Idumeans were from Ishmael's son Dumah rather then Edom, and given the influence of the Nabatean Kingdom of Petra at this time, that certainly seems plausible.

Paul in Galatians says he traveled to Mt Sinai in Arabia.  But that doesn't quite tell us anything about Arabs who were early Christians.

In the New Testament itself the Arabian presence in The Church is small.  But in the coming centuries their inference will be quite important.  But constantly overlooked because of the Greek and Roman biases in how Early Church history is was recorded and is still studied.

The Petra based Kingdom wasn't the only Nabatean Kingdom.  The people of Osroene were also Nabateans.  The Napateans came from Nebojath/Neboiath the Firstborn Son of Ishmael.  Many historians doubt the traditions of Abgar V becoming a Christian, and on that they may be right.  But there is little doubt that either Abgar VIII and/or Abgar IX was a Christian.  And I'm inclined to believe the theory that Lucius of Britain of the Liber Pontificals was actually a scribal error for Lucius Abgarus of Birtha or Birecik.

Philip The Arabian was a Roman Emperor of the first half of the Third Century.  He was born in Arabia.  There is a controversial belief that I have become convinced of that he was actually the first Roman Emperor to be a Christian, even before Constantine.  Eusebius refers to both Abgar and Philip as Christians but neglects to mention that they were both Arabs.

I personally have a theory that Helena, the mother of Constantine, born about 250 AD, may have been a descendant of an Abgar of Edessa.  But that'll be for another post some day.

The Ghassamid and Lakhmid kingdoms both formed around the late 3rd and early 4th centuries, and both became Christian kingdoms pretty early on.  The former mainly in modern Jordan, but included the Golan Heights and a little bit of Syria.  The latter in part of modern Iraq west of the Euphrates river.  They and the Tanukhids were among many Joktanite tribes of Yemen who had migrated north following the destruction of the Ma'arib Damn and the conquests of the Himyar Kingdom.

From the Tanukhids came Queen Mavia, who reigned from 375-425 AD.  There is disagreement over whether she was born a Christian or converted.  She long before Muhammad had a dream of creating a united Arab Kingdom.  But she was betrayed by Theodosius, the same Roman Emperor who first officially made Christianity the State Religion. Under her a Bishop named Moses was appointed the first Arab Bishop of the Arabs.

The Lakhmid Kingdom would exist until just before the birth of Islam as I'll discus below.  The Ghassamid Kingdom was eventually conquered by the Muslims.

I want to mention the Encyclopedia of Pleasure which is a collection of Arabic stories involving Lesbianism that have been preserved.  One of the stories is set before Islam, during the lifetime of Muhammad but before he had his first "vision" at age 40 in 610 AD.  Because at least one of the two women in the story would have been a Christian.
One of the stories told in the book is a story about the first Arab lesbian Hind Bint al-Khuss al-Iyadiyyah, known as al-Zarqa’, and her love to a Christian woman Hind Bint al-Nu`man, who was the daughter of the last Lakhmid king of Hira in the 17th century. When Hind Bint al-Khuss al-Iyadiyyah died, her faithful lover "cropped her hair, wore black clothes, rejected worldly pleasures, vowed to God that she would lead an ascetic life until she passed away…" She even built a monastery to commemorate her love to al-Zarqa'
  Sahar Amer (2 May 2009). "Medieval Arab Lesbians and Lesbian-Like Women' Journal of the History of Sexuality
The Lakhmid king in question is al-Nu'man Ill ibn al-Mundhir.  From what we know historically he did have a daughter who's name isn't mentioned.
Nevertheless, according to creditable historical accounts, when Khosrau II demanded Nu'man's Christian daughter as part of his extensive harem, he refused the Shah's demand. In response, Khosrau II had him crushed by elephants; however, according to a Syriac chronicle, Khosrau invited Nu'man to a feast where he was dishonored and trapped;
 Philip De Souza and John France, War and peace in ancient and medieval history, p. 139; Khuzistan Chronicle 9
Interesting that he was so determined not to marry his daughter off in a back then perfectly normal political marriage.  And we have a completely different tradition that his daughter was a very Monogamous Lesbian.  I suspect the story may well be historical.

Some historians have even speculated that a larger percentage of the family Muhammad came form then is usually assumed was either Christian or Jewish.

The Feminism of Ancient Arabia

I reject the typical Islamaphobia of the modern Western Church.  I would never convert to Islam because of it's Theology, Soterology and Christology.  But I believe the violence of the modern Arab world is mainly the result of being politically occupied for centuries by first Ottomans and then European colonialism.  They didn't have this problem under the Caliphs of their Golden Age.  And on the Ishmael tag of my Prophecy blog I've spend time talking about potential common ground.

However one major area where the claims of Islamic Apoligists seem awfully hard for me to by is when they want to make Muhammad seem like an ancient proto-Feminist.  Because Sura 4 is pretty irredeemably Misogynist, and Sura 33 is problematic too.  The Huffington Post article claiming Muhammad was a Feminist, provides not one single quote from The Koran.

Now if someone wants to go "The Bible is sexist too" that's a fair direction to take the conversion.  But the thing is I have actually cited Scripture in my arguments that The Bible is more Feminist then most people realize.

The thing however I want to observe that others talking about the Sexism of Muhammad have not.  Is how I don't feel it can even be blamed on being a product of his time.  I've seen a lot of evidence that leads me to conclude Pre-Islamic Arabia was quite shockingly Feminist, compared to the contemporary Greco-Roman world at least, including sadly most Christians and Jews living within it.

The evidence of this starts contemporary with Muhammad.  Before he had his first "vision" at age 40 in 610 AD, he was married to an older woman, who was a very wealthy and successful business woman, Khadija bint Khuwaylid.  Muhammad early success in spreading his religion was dependent on her support, and other key relatives of her's.  But she died in 620 AD, and a few of those key relatives of her's died around the same time.  It wasn't until after she died that Muhammad started practicing Polygamy.  And it wasn't till after those deaths he finally conquered Medina and then started giving the Median Suras, the latest Suras to be given.  Suras 2, 4 and 33 and 65 were all Medina Suras.  From those came all of the most undeniably Sexist of the Koran's verses.

I can't help but wonder if Muhammad was insecure about being supporter by a wealthier woman for so long.  But, the fact remains that perhaps if he had died before Khadija Islam's record on Women's rights would be much different.  Of course gender is the only thing Muhammad starting changing his tune on around this time, from 610-624 Jerusalem not Mecca was the location Muhammad taught to pray towards.  It was also a Median Sura (Sura 2, the first Median Sura) that introduced the doctrine of Abrogation.  Sura 9 was the second to last Sura given.

I could talk about the Queen of Sheba and some Extra-Biblical Arabic traditions related to her implying that the Kingdom of Sheba was ruled by women for 60 straight Queens.  But for here I want to stick to recorded history.

From 750-675 BC the Qedarites, the same tribe that Muhammad's family would eventually came from.  Was ruled by successive ruling Queens.
  • Zabibe (ruled c. 750–735 BC)
  • Samsi (ruled c. 735–710 BC)
  • Yatie (ruled c. 710–695 BC)
  • Te'elkhunu (ruled c. 695–690 BC)
  • Tabua (ruled c. 678–675 BC)
And that is pretty much the beginning of Arabs entering recorded History.

Later the Nabatean Kingdom based in Petra often seemed to have the Queens literally Co-Ruleing with the Kings.
Queen Zenoobia is sometimes classified as an Arab.  But her ancestry is a bit controversial as she claimed descent from Hannibal and Anthony & Cleopatra through the marriage of their daughter Cleopatra Selene to Juba of Mauritania.

And one of my personal favorite overlooked figures of History was Queen Mavia, an Arabic Christian Queen who reigned about 375-425 AD.  I'll be talking about her more in the future.
    It seems Muhammad's influence didn't change Arabia over night, given the power and influence Aisha was able to wield.  But it still seems clear looking at History that Arabia has had a lot less powerful Women since Muhammad then it did before.

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    The Koran says Israel belongs to the Israelites

    The Koran and early Hadiths contain many declarations that the Land of Israel belongs to the Children of Israel, just as much as the Land of Arabia belongs to the Arabs.

    This argument is made by Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi The Qur'an and the Land of Israel.

    You can also read The Quran is a Zionist Book.

    There is also no support from the Quran for the alleged holiness of the Dome of the Rock.  It supports only Mecca as being a Holy Site for Muslims.  Regardless in the context of where I believe The Temple was it can be rebuilt without needing to damage either The Dome of the Al Aqsa Mosque.  Others meanwhile think it wasn't on what we now call THe Temple Mount at all but in the City of David near the Gihon Spring.  That is where I think David's Tabernacle was, so could also be a valid spot to build The Temple.

    Islamic Eschatology foretells Israel's return to Her Land.
    Qur'an 17:104 : And We said unto the Children of Israel after him:  Dwell in the land; but when the promise of the Hereafter (wa3’dul akhirati) cometh to pass We shall bring you as a crowd gathered out of various nations. 
    Qur'an 59:2 : He it is Who caused those who disbelieved of the followers of the Book (Jews) to go forth from their homes (leave their exile) till the first gathering (Li awalil hashr) you did not think that they would go forth, while they were certain that their fortresses would defend them against Allah; but Allah came to them whence they did not expect, and cast terror into their hearts; they demolished their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers; therefore take a lesson, O you who have eyes!
    Qur'an 17:4 : And We decreed for the Children of Israel in the Scripture: Ye verily will experience corruption (exile) in the earth twice, but Ye will then after (thumma) ascend (ta’lunna) to a great height (or station).
    Other Quran verses on Israel belonging to Israel.
    O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and fulfil your covenant with Me as I fulfil My Covenant with you, and fear none but Me. [Qur'an, sura 2:40] 
    Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other nations (for My Message). [Qur'an, sura 2:47]
    And remember We took your covenant and We raised above you Mount (Sinai) : (Saying): "Hold firmly to what We have given you and bring (ever) to remembrance what is therein: Perchance ye may fear Allah." [Qur'an, sura 2:63]
    "We [Allah] made a covenant with you [Children of Israel]  and raised the Mount [Sinai] above you, saying:  'Grasp fervently [the Torah] what We [Allah] have given you, and bear in minds its precepts, that you may guard yourselves against evil'". [Qur'an, sura 2:65]
    And remember We [Allah] made a covenant with the Children of Israel (to this effect): Worship none but Allah; treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and practise regular charity. Then did ye turn back, except a few among you, and ye backslide (even now). [Qur'an, sura 2:83]
    After this it is ye, the same people, who slay among yourselves, and banish a party of you from their homes; assist (Their enemies) against them, in guilt and rancour; and if they come to you as captives, ye ransom them, though it was not lawful for you to banish them. Then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest? but what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life?- and on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Allah is not unmindful of what ye do.[Qur'an, sura 2:85]
    We gave Moses the Book and followed him up with a succession of messengers; We gave Jesus the son of Mary Clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the holy spirit. Is it that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what ye yourselves desire not, ye are puffed up with pride?- Some ye called impostors, and others ye slay! [Qur'an, sura 2:87]
    Those to whom We [Allah] have sent the Book [Torah] study it as it should be studied: They are the ones that believe therein: [Qur'an, sura 2:121]
    O Children of Israel! call to mind the special favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all others nations (for My Message).[Qur'an, sura 2:122]
    "When God made a covenant with those [the Children of Israel] to whom the Scriptures were given He said:  'Proclaim these to mankind and do not suppress them'". [Qur'an, sura 3:187, "The 'Imrans"]
    "God made a covenant with the Israelites and raised among them twelve chieftains [the princes of the twelve tribes of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel]". [Qur'an, sura 5:12, "The Table"]
    "Bear in mind the words of Moses to his people [the Children of Israel].  He said:  'Remember, my people, the favour which God has bestowed upon you.  He [Allah] has raised up prophets among you, made you kings, and given you that [the Torah and the Land of Israel] which He has given to no other nation.  Enter, my people, the holy land [of Israel] which God has assigned for you.  Do not turn back, and thus lose all'". [Qur'an, sura 5:20, "The Table"]
    "We [Allah] made a covenant with the Israelites and sent forth apostles among them". [Qur'an, sura 5:70, "The Table"]
    "We [Allah] divided them [the Children of Israel] into twelve tribes, each a whole community". [Qur'an, sura 7:159, "The Heights"]
    "We [Allah] sent forth Moses with Our signs, saying:  'Lead your people [the Children of Israel] out of the darkness into the light, and remind them of God's favours'.  Surely in this there are signs for every steadfast, thankful man. Moses said to his people [the Children of Israel]: 'Remember God's goodness to you when He delivered you from Pharoah's nation, who had oppressed you cruelly, slaughtering your sons and sparing only your daughters.  Surely that was a grevious trial by your Lord.  For He had declared:  'If you give thanks, I will bestow abundance upon you:  but if you deny My favours, My punishment is terrible indeed'". [Qur'an, sura 14:6-7, "Abraham"]
    "But it was Our [Allah's] will to favour those [the Children  of Israel] who were oppressed in the land [of Egypt] and to make them leaders among men, to bestow on them a noble heritage and to give them power in the land [of Egypt]; and to inflict on Pharoah, Haman and their warriors the very scourge they [the Egyptians] dreaded".[Qur'an, sura 28:3, "The Story"]
    "We [Allah] gave the Book [Torah] to Moses (never doubt that you will meet him) and made it a guide for the Israelites.  And when they grew steadfast and firmly believed in Our revelations, We appointed leaders from among them who gave guidance at Our bidding. On the Day of Resurrection your Lord will resolve their differences for them". [Qur'an, sura 32:22, "Adoration"]
    "We [Allah] gave the Book [Torah] to the Israelites and bestowed on them wisdom and prophethood.  We provided them with wholesome things and exalted them above the nations".[Qur'an, sura 45:17, "Kneeling"]
    "We sent forth Noah and Abraham and bestowed on their offspring [the Children of Israel] prophethood and the Scriptures [Torah]". [Qur'an, sura 57:26, "Iron"]
    The verses cited from the Quran to support Anti-Semitism and/or make it look Anti-Semitic use the term "Jews" not Israel.  And I think all are really more about specific Jewish groups as they existed in Muhammad's time.  Mainly I think the Jews of Medina/Yathrib and Khyabar, perhaps also Jews of Yeman particularly Himyar, but they may instead be who were meant by the Sabeans.  And the Prophetic passages linking a Sect of Jews to Dajjal were about Jews of Mesopotamia at the time, when the Exilarchs still existed, and one had only a century earlier attempted to revolt against Persia.

    Sura 90, which was the last major Sura and the basis for laws like demanding Jews and Christian pay a Tax, the Jizya.  Was only about Jews and Christians living in Arabia, Muhammad's political goal was only the Unification of Arabia (a definition of Arabia that probably includes Jordan, the Golan Heights, much of Syria and Iraq west of the Euphrates River).

    The Bible also on the other hand gives little support for Israel taking anything East of the Jordan River (that Includes the Golan Heights).  The land that equates to modern Jordan, the Golan Heights, and most if not all of Syria west of the Euphrates is given to Ishmael, Abraham's Firstborn.  Prophecies of the future Messianic Kingdom clearly refer to Kedar and Nabojoth, (Ishmael first two sons and the ones Muhammad is variantly claimed to descend from) still existing in this region, Isaiah 60:7.

    What I consider to be the accurate Maps of the Tribal Allotments of Ezekiel give the 12 Tribes of Israel nothing East of The Jordan River or Sea of Galilee.

    In ancient Israel three Tribes settled East of the Jordan early on, Half of Manasseh, Gad and Reuben.  But if you read Numbers 32 where the origin of this arrangement is laid out, it's clearly presented as not what God wanted for them originally, and eventually they were the first carried into exile by Assyria.  Dan also would wind up being affiliated with parts of Syria (and Golan Heights), and that too is linked to Dan's disobedience, and where Jeroboam set up one of his Idols.

    "What about Abraham being promised everything to the Jordan River?" I'll bet you're asking.  Well I have argued that his Firstborn Ishmael was not cut off as we often assume, Ishmael, and the sons of Keturah, were given the lands between the Jordan and Euphrates, and also Arabia. 

    David also ruled all the way to the Euphrates. But the nations beyond the Tribal Allotments were ruled as Tributaries, he ruled like Jesus will in the future as a King of Kings.  The Gentile Nations he conquered kept independent self governance.

    Even in terms of Lebanon, we clearly see God was fine with Tyre's independence during the reigns of David and Solomon.  It was only a problem when Israelites worshiped their gods.

     If I were in charge of modern Israel, I would either give the Golan Heights to Jordan, or let the Druze (who descend form Ishmael's son Jether through the Greco-Roman era Iturians) self govern themselves there.

    Originally the British were going to all of modern Israel and Jordan to the Jews, but Jordan was wisely pealed off to be a nation for the Arabs of the region.  The "Palestinians" already have a state.  And to this day over 80% of the population of Jordan are Palestinians, including the current Queen and mother of the future King.

    The Theology of the Koran I would never agree with.  But it is in fact compatible with The Bible in terms of what land belongs to Israel and what land belongs to Ishmael.  It's modern politicians of various camps that want to create a conflict.

    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    Plato, Augustine and Traditional Christianity (On YouTube)

    The original article on my Blog.

    This was my first time actually editing it first.  Still not perfect.

    From there you can easily get to my main dissertation on Homosexuality in The Bible. 

    For something teaching something similar to my view of Romans 1 I recommend Unclobbering Romans by Colby Martin.  But his take on the other Clobber Passages don't agree with mine as much.