Universal Salvation

I have now become a Universalist, and so I am changing this page.  It shall be divided into sections.

First are posts I made before I became a Universalist but Believed in Free Grace and Eternal Security, but NOT Calvanism.  Most of what I said is still what I believe to a certain extent.  Though if any references to Universalism exist they were negative.

Jesus Words Only
The Outer Darkness is outside New Jerusalem
Questioning the Salvation of Fellow Believers 
Questioning Salvation based on opinions 
Can someone lose their eligibility to be Saved?
Is believing in Eternal Security a license to Sin?
What is Repentance?
Judas being Lost
The Partial Rapture Theory
We are Born Again at The Resurrection 
Dietary Laws and Pork
What did Peter mean by Paul being hard to Understand?

The Church Fathers supposed opposition
Plato, Augustine, and Calvinism
Paul didn't teach Calvinism
Are you not Preaching the Real Gospel if you're not offending anyone?
Am I an Arminian?
Eternal Security and Homosexuality
Jesus talked about Hell more then Heaven???

And I had made this post where I argued against Unviersalism, I want to preserve it as a time capsule.

Next are a trilogy of posts I made as I was converting to Universalism but was not ready to go all in on it yet.

I'm rethinking Universalism
More Universalism Thoughts
Gerrard Winstanley was a Universalist

Then I did a trilogy of posts deconstructing traditional views the doctrines of Hell and Eternal Damnation.  But not addressing Unvierslaism directly per say.  The Above Outer Darkness post is also relevant to this subject, as well as if Jesus talked about Hell more then Heaven. 

Hades, Gehenna and The Lake of Fire
The Greek words for "Damnation"
The Soul and Spirit Biblically

My most recent post on the subject of Legalism alludes vaguely to my Universalism
The Law of Moses and Christianity
From the Labels of that post you can find my other posts on Legalism and The Law.

On November 9th 2016, Central Time Zone I decided to full identify as a Universalist, and renamed this page from Eternal Security to Universalism.

Below here shall be links to relevant posts made since then.

Lex Meyer's Immortal (a follow up to The Soul and Spirit Biblically)

Words Translated Eternal 

A YouTube Video where I lay out The Gospel 

Those who Receive The Mark of The Beast will be Deceived

Is Universalism Pagan?

KJV Only Universalism!!!

In Which I do some more quoting of Augustine.

ALL Israel shall be Saved!

John 12:26-48

My Evangelical Universalism does not contradict Free Will.

According to Ezekiel 16, Sodom will be Restored.

Jesus' Instruction about Forgiveness.

The Trees of The Garden of Eden.

The Resurrection in The Torah.

The Second Resurrection.

Free Will vs Predestination.

When does All mean All?

Age of the Ages.

Pre-Nicea and Post-Nicea Universalism.

My Universal Reconciliation YouTube Playlist.
The videos in this Playlist are not my own work but the works of others I find insightful.  Some details of these videos i may disagree with the basic messages I support.

A post on my Prophecy Blog that touched on the Second Death issue briefly.

Pelagius was in Error but it wasn't Free Will.

The Apocalypse of Peter.

The Lamb of God and The Passover.

Who really views God as a Just Judge?

Universal Salvation both with and without Paul.


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