Friday, October 28, 2016

Using the Internet on The Sabbath

I've noticed a few example of Torah observing Christians saying they don't go on The Internet on The Sabbath.  I find that strange.

Any argument that going on the Internet qualifies as servile work would be as absurd as the Rabbis saying it would violate the Sabbath to push the button on an Elevator.

The Sabbath is also a day of Assembly, part of it's purpose is for God's People to come together.  In the modern world The Internet is a vital part of how we do that.  If you know other believers in your area you should feel free to consider communing with them more important.

But we should never neglect using part of The Sabbath Day to check whatever online groups and communities we are members of.  And so on.  Cause some of us lack local like minded Believers we can fellowship with in person.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sabbath posts

The Sabbath is considered a morality dispute to many Christians.  But for various reasons I tend to wind up discussing it on my Prophecy Blog, because anything about The Calendar is potentially Prophetic.  So I figured I'd share some posts here.

In which I argue against the notion that The New Testament calls for Sunday Worship.

In which I address the SDA desire to connect it to The Mark.

In which I argue against those saying Jesus rose on The Sabbath not Sunday.

In which I address the Lunar Sabbath theory.

In which I revisit my view on The Sabbath's role in the Passion narrative.

In which I discus The Sabbath's connection to The Manna.

The last half of those I made within the last week.  They may be subject to some editing in the near future.

Update October 28th 2016:  And now I have made on on this Blog.

 Using The Interne ton The Sabbath.

Update April 2016: And I did a follow up on the Lunar Sabbath issue.