Statement of Faith

I believe in only One True God, creator of Heaven and Earth, who is Eternal and exists outside of Space and Time.  Who is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.  I believe he is ultimately gender-less in-spite of being usually refereed to with masculine pronouns.

I believe he manifests himself in three forms.  The Father, The Word and the Holy Spirit.  The Word is also The Son and was made Flesh.

I believe Jesus of Nazareth was born in Bethlehem in 5-2 BC to Mary daughter of Heli who was a Virgin who had never known a man.  He is The Christ/Messiah of Israel.  He is the Word made Flesh.  He is both entirely Human and entirely Divine.  He is the Fullness of the Godhead made Corporeal, and is The Son of The Father.  Jesus Christ is The LORD, Yahuah.  The "I Am" of the Burning Bush.

I believe He died on a wooden Cross in Jerusalem in 30 AD, 69 weeks of years after the Decree in The Book of Nehemiah.  That even though he himself was without Sin he was made Sin for us.  That he took the penalty for all the Sins of mankind upon himself and purchased us.  His suffering and Death payed the full price of Sin

I believe He rose from the dead three days later, and in so doing defeated Death, and we will all one day Rise to Eternal Life as well.

I believe justification is by Faith Alone and cannot be Lost. We are made Righteous by Grace through Faith.  There are ramifications when a Believer sins, but you cannot lose your Salvation no matter how hard you try.  I also firmly reject all Five points of Calvinism, we are Predestined by the foreknowledge of God but still by our own Free Will.  And I believe Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Light and is the only Way to Salvation.  New Testament believers are not under The Law, either ceremonial or moral law, at the same time there is nothing wrong with by choice keeping The Law so long as you're under no delusion that it contributes to Salvation.

I believe The Bible is the inspired infallible inherent Word of the Living God and the Finale Authority on all matters.  I Believe God's Word is preserved in the source documents used for the King James Authorized Version, those being the Masoretic Hebrew Text and Textus Receptus Greek.  I firmly reject the three Alexandrian manuscripts and the textual criticisms of Wescott and Hort, and all modern Bible derived from them.  However I do believe it is good to study the Greek and Hebrew because some things are inevitably lost in translation.  But The Gospel is communicated perfectly in the KJV.

I believe the Spiritual Gifts continue to this day, and will until the Second Coming.  Those include Tongs and Prophecy.  But the written Canon is closed and Scripture is the finale authority, everything must be tested against Scripture.  The gift of Prophecy still exists but not the office of Apostle, Paul was the last to become an Apostle and John was the last living Apostle, Revelation 22 defines itself as the closing of the canon.

I believe there should be no denominations, only local independent churches.  Churches should not be 501c3 and should have no legal existence.   I believe churches ideally should meet in homes, and that a church service should be all believers edifying each other not one person making a speech.  I reject the office of Pastor in a monarchical sense, there should be many Elders/Bishops if one has any kind of leadership he should be a first among equals.  And none should seek legal authority from the state to give out marriages licences.

I believe Biblical Marriage is between the Individuals and God.  That Christians should never get marriages licenses from the state or make any other kind of documentation.  All that is required for two people to be married is to agree to be married.  I believe Biblical Marriage is in it's strictest sense one man and one woman, but that alternate arrangements are not inherently wrong so long as everyone involved consents, it depends how the Holy Spirit leads you.

I believe the Universe was Created by God in Six 24 hour (at most) days around 4405 BC on our modern calendar.  Man was originally created a perfect being, but by willingly sinning he entered his current fallen state.  There was no Death or suffering before Man Sinned.

1656 years after that was a Global Flood that only eight Humans survived. All Humans alive today descend from those 8 individuals, we are all one Blood.

On Replacement Theology, in a sense I do Believe the Church is grafted into Israel.  Yet God's unconditional Covenant with the Blood descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also still stands.  The Church and Israel are distinct yet connected.

I Believe the events Prophesied in Matthew 24, Revelation 6-22, and 2 Thessalonians 2 are yet future.  I believe in a literal 1000 year yet future binding of Satan after a Seven year eschatological period in the midst of which Jesus will Return for His Bride.  And a Man of Sin will stand in a Rebuilt Jewish Temple or Tabernacle and proclaim himself God, after at least appearing to have survived a Mortal Wound.  At the time of Jesus return all who Believe in him, living or dead, will experience a Literal physical bodily Resurrection in which we will be restored to our perfect pre-fallen state.  His return will be in the middle of the Week.

I have also come to lean towards a form of Universalism, I do not deny the reality of The Lake of Fire but I have come to doubt it's Eternal.  Only those who place their Faith in Jesus can be full citizens of The Kingdom and have the opportunity to Co Rule with him.  And certainly only Believers are His Bride.  But revelation 21-22 also shows there being many Saved outside New Jerusalem.

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