Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hospitality is an important Biblical Value

While this might effectively just retread some of what I've said before, I want to talk about what the Sin of Sodom was as opposed to what it wasn't.

Because I feel, and have felt even way back when I held the traditional view, that even if you do think Homosexual acts are wrong and has something to do with why Sodom was so wicked.  It's really bothersome that many in the Church trivialize the Value of Hospitality, the Bible talks about it in way more then just 6 isolated passages.
But you shouldn't have to be in the Middle East to value it.

I really like the Hammer movie Scars of Dracula, staring the late Christopher Lee.  That movie often makes me think of Sodom.  I love the Irony, how the presumably Christian population of that small Eastern European town is constantly rude and unwelcoming to strangers who travel through it.  But the Prince of Darkness tries very hard as a distinguished nobleman to honor the old world concept of Hospitality, but fate keeps screwing him over.

It's not just when Sodom comes up The Bible is concerned with it.  God also repeatedly told the Israelites to be hospitable to strangers "Because you were once strangers in the land of Egypt".  Like in Leviticus 19.

That is why when Revelation 11 calls Jerusalem "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt" it is when they are celebrating the death of God's witnesses.

Also the Sheep and Goats Judgment.  Isn't that a Judgment that seems to be based on Hospitality?  Or the Parable of the Good Samaritan for that matter, hospitality is certainly part of the message of that.

When Jesus said "As the days of Noah were" and "As the days of Lot were", everyone wants to see that as an opportunity to read their conjectures about those days into it.  But Jesus explained what he meant, and there nothing about Sexuality or Nephilim.

It amazes me how some people will use other references to Sodom as references to homosexuality rather then reading the context of those references to see if they contradict their narrative about what the Sin of Sodom was.

Ezekiel 16:49 defines the Sin of Sodom.  But people tell me I'm ignoring verse 50 which uses the word Abomination.  The word for Abomination there refers to all idolatrous practices.  It is Biblically never a synonym for unnatural.

Then you got people who act like my argument about Sodom is inconsistent with itself, saying "So was the Sin of Sodom Rape or Inhospitably? Make up your mind?"

Okay, tell ya what, arrange for your town to gang rape two strangers passing through it and then ask them if they thought you were hospitable to them.

So, btw, I agree 100% that the Sin of Sodom is something modern America is highly guilty of.  My understanding of certain parts of Leviticus 19 has lead me to believe the Christian thing is to support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, the Hebrew and Greek words translated stranger are their words for aliens.

Update July 22 2016: I wonder if these two cities tendency towards hating aliens even applied towards each other.  I'm imagining now a politician in ancient Sodom saying.

"We're gonna build a Wall, and Gomorrah's gonna pay for it".

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