Monday, February 1, 2016

I now view Yahuah as the proper pronunciation of The Tetragrammaton

First off I'm not a Sacred Namer, Salvation has nothing to do with if you pronounce the name properly.

I had favored pronouncing YHWH as Yahweh for a long time.  Last years I first heard Rob Skiba's argument for Yahuah/Yahuwah.

For readers unfamiliar what was Rob's Argument for it.  I don't feel like going into it detail but it's about how the Yah theophoric names in the Hebrew Bible are pronounced (in Hebrew not how they look in our English Bibles).  The YHW seems to be in them pretty consistently pronounced Yahu, then you add a Heh sound at the end.

I also feel the Greek New Testament inspired texts of Revelation 19's Alleluia verified an "a" (Alepha) not an "e" (Eta or Epsilon) should be the vowel following the Yot/Iota/Jot.

His argument for it isn't what convinced me though, what convinced was just a few days ago I noticed how similar that pronunciation is to Yeshua.  Because I've long noticed that the 4 letter Hebrew spelling of Yeshua is the Tetragrammaton with the Heh replaced by new letters.


As if Yeshua was always the real name but the Hehs concealed it.  The Heh is one of the most mystical letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, often viewed as representing The Holy Spirit.

So I'll be using Yahuah in the future, I may edit past posts to replace YHWH and Yahweh when I have the chance.  But no guarantees, in fact probably not.

Rob Skiba's desire to view "translating" Yahuah as "Lord" as a horrible offense is discredited by the fact that the Greek text of the New Testament does the same when quoting the Law and Prophets.  When Paul says in Romans 10 "All who call upon the Name of The Lord" he's quoting Joel 2:32, but Joel 2 said Yahuah (as I said before I reject the notion that the NT authors were quoting the Septuagint).  I know Skiba means well and I don't support the KJV's attitude toward YHWH either, but it doesn't help to go overboard.

I believe the reason the Name is never used in the New Testament is because the name of Yeshua/Iesous/Jesus has supplanted it as the proper personal name of God.  Paul's quoting of Joel I feel shows that, the Name of Jesus is clearly in the grander context of his writings the Name that Paul meant.

So the desire of people to inset Yah and YHWH into their hypothetical Hebrew New Testaments actually kind of annoys me.  I know they mean well, but they are over looking a deeper mystery.

Just look at some of the places where Salvation is used and in the orignal Hebrew it's Yeshuah.

Genesis 49:18 in the KJV
I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD.
In the Standard Version.
I have waited for thy salvation, O Jehovah.
Other ways to render it
I have waited for thy Salvation, O Yahweh
I have waited for thy Salvation, O YHWH
I have waited for thy Yeshuah, O Yahuah 

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