Saturday, November 19, 2016

When did it become Liberal to Hate people?

Much of this blog has been dedicated to me arguing that The Bible supports Liberal views over Conservative ones far more often then most Conservatives are willing to face.

However lately my greatest obstacle to showing that The Bible is a Liberal book hasn't been one of the issues you might expect.  But rather it has become that a very loud portion of the American Left has decided to reject the most unambiguously Liberal thing Jesus said "Love your Enemies".

I've been noticing this problem for awhile.  In how it used to be conservatives who complained about sympathetic villains in movies and TV, and so on. But now many Feminist websites view redemption for a male villain as problematic.

However it is the reaction to Trump's election that has really boiled this over.  I didn't vote for Trump or for Clinton, I don't want to say whether it was Johnson or Stein I voted for because I don't enthusiastically support either.

I've seen lately TheMarySue and various Tumblr blogs get all outraged at John Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence for saying we shouldn't condemn all Trump voters as Racists.

The people talking about the Popular vote count love to keep saying he got less votes then Romney, clearly so they can convince themselves they aren't condemning anyone who helped elect Obama when they say all Trump voters are irredeemable.  However it's clear to me Trump's deficit compared to Romney's votes is far smaller then the Romney votes he didn't get, considering how Romney himself was one of his harshest critics.  That Utah independent probably only got Romney voters, Johnson I'm sure got many.  And I know at least one person in my family who voted Republican in both Obama's elections but for Clinton this time.

90% of the the Bigots who voted for Trump were gonna vote Republican no matter what, they were just more enthusiastic about Trump then past ones.  And almost none were ever eligible Democratic voters, they would have not voted or gone Third Party.  The very few that will vote Democrat no matter how illogical that is to their views, didn't change this time, one random KKK leader did endorse Clinton, and with far less qualifications then David Duke's Trump support had.

Trump's victories in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  And maybe to a lesser extend North Carolina and Florida.  Was dependent on a huge segment of the Urban poor, who voted solely on Trump's promise to end Free Trade Agreements and financially punish those who ship factory Jobs overseas.  At least half of these people voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and probably for Obama back when neither major candidate addressed that issue.

I personally voted Sanders in the primary based on this issue.  But it wasn't gonna make me vote for Trump since I suspect he's gonna betray those who voted on that.  But regardless to many others who also didn't trust him he was the only option even paying them lip service.

Saying "whether or not they voted because of Racism it's still Racist that they didn't consider that a disqualifying factor" is easy to say when you're financially fortunate enough to even have Internet access.

I don't deny White Privilege or Male Privilege, or Straight Privilege of Cis Privilege.  But those aren't the only privileges, and there are plenty of White people financially unfortunate enough to make them less privileged then many non-whites.

I suppose most of us engaging in Social Media are blind to the fact that people poor enough to not even have regular access to the internet still exist.  But they do, I know a few in my family.  They are either unemployed, or employed but barely making enough to get buy.  Some who are struggling to even feed their children.  Some who wanted to be retired by the time they reached their current age but weren't able to.  And other pressured to retire before they were fully prepared.

And before any Democrat starts calling poor people who voted based on their own persona financial interests Selfish.  I should remind you that in every past election the perception has been that the Poor people voting solely on their personal financial interests were voting Democrat, because they support Welfare and Food Stamps and Obama Care.  And for that Conservatives called them Selfish constantly.

I know many people who had consistently voted Democrat in every Election in my lifetime except maybe this one since I haven't generally been asking people.  Even though they are Anti-Gun Control, and Pro-Life and pretty annoyingly Conservative on Social and Foreign policy issues.  Who's view of Black Lives Matter has resembled Giuliani's more then Obama's.  Heck the most Liberal state in the country just voted again to keep the damn Death Penalty.

Every past Democratic victory in my lifetime including Gore getting the Popular vote in 2000 has been dependent on the poor, many but not all of whom were minorities, who voted Democrat on financial issues only.  So every Social Justice Warrior calling those people Selfish now have become exactly what they hate.

That's the only thing truly different about this Election.  Trump had more support from the Poor then any past Republican in my lifetime.  And that is why my sympathy for Trump voters is actually greater then my sympathy for Bush voters.

And yes I'd have a similar message to people who'd have been outraged if Trump lost.  Most Trump voters can't possibly understand the situation of the people most hostile to voting for Trump.  This goes both ways.

And while most of the Trump voters I'm talking about may were White, they did include African Americans and Mexican Americans and Muslims.  In fact I remember reports on how Trump did better then expected among Hispanics and Millennials.

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  1. I like this post. I think it's really a huge case of people shouting across the room at each other. A lot of one side think that it's a simple case of "Racism" or "Sexism" that made folks vote for Trump due to loud social media bigots voicing a lot of crappy viewpoints. Which from your post, seems to be more of a louder minority than believed.

    But, it's really a case of people simply voting to have a life, and that means a way to have a regular cash-flow or help in that department. As you said, Trump is the only one who even pretends to know how they feel, and also (a bit unfortunately), people tend to solely empathize within their demographics and worldview, and far less outside of that, unless they have a more open view on things.

    Sadly, of course, the Republicans (which obnoxiously includes Trump) has never cared about the livelihood of any of the average American (white or not). It's all about what all of their rich buddies want(*). Now the Democrats are not innocent either. Plying to the rich is their trade too, but at least, they believe in some form of money aid systems to help the average man on the street in times of financial difficulties.

    I would say a better choice is needed that respects the freedom of the individual and helps the average Joe in times of financial need, plus, very importantly, maintain a vital economy, so that everyone can actually earn a decent living.

    (*)For example, many people look at business agreements as screwing over the American citizens and helping the citizens of other countries. But, that's not the case. These days, even if Americans want to, they can't even support business outside of America easily due to banking restrictions. And that is what helps other citizens more, as it benefits local businesses. These business agreements are meant for the corporations to buy low (take advantage of low labor) and sell high, where they benefit their own pockets. The average citizen (in both countries) is not thought of at all in any equation. Republicans are a big believer in complete freedom of businesses. Which is not a "bad" thing per se, as don't everyone deserve freedom? However, the average person can and will be economically affected, as such is the nature of things. Which is a weird dichotomy. People want the Republicans to control businesses (which will never happen), but always never fail to claim they are "Pro-capitalist" and "anti-communist". (Heaven forbid, you give handouts to the poor) It's like, which is it?