Sunday, September 11, 2016

Standing for the National Anthem is Idolatry.

This whole outrage over Kaepernick just further proves the point I was trying to make in my Patriotic Idolatry post.

Regardless of Kapernick's political motivation to protest it (which I am very sympathetic towards, I support Black Lives Matter).   The very fact that so many supposed Christians are so offended by the idea of someone not doing it is what proves the Flag is an Idol to them.

So NO, I will NEVER again stand for the National Anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance or do any other such acts of worship that makes the Nation State itself a god.

And when someone tries to guilt you about how it's disrespectful to Solders or 9/11 victims, you should ask them if they're Catholic and think we're supposed to pray for the dead?  Because that's literally the same superstitious thinking they're using.  None of these rituals can bring the dead back.

I feel guilty about all the election related posts I made this year.  I got suckered in again when the truth is for a while now I've felt that Christians should not even think of themselves as citizens of any Earthly Nation.  That the Anabaptists had it right, we should obey the law so long as it doesn't conflict with following our Faith, but should also always remember that all Nations are ruled by Satan till the Second Coming, without exception.

We're supposed to be Citizens of God's Kingdom which is currently not of this world.  So being Patriotic and being a good Bible Believing Christian are mutually exclusive.  We should never Pledge Allegiance to any piece of cloth.

And we love to cite Biblical commands against swearing oaths when we talk about Freemasonry, but forget that being an elected official, or a Solider, or testifying in Court also requires swearing an Oath.  I think maybe we should consider those things just as wrong for a Christian to do as Freemasonry.

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