Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Is Islam an inherently violent religion?

Lots of people cite the Koran and Hadiths to make a strong case that it is.  Others respond to them insisting the actions of Terrorists are not supported by Islamic doctrine at all.

I already talked a bit about Sura 9 in The Koran says the Land of Israel belongs to the Israelites.  Where I explained that the portion of that Sura cited to make Islam seem violent and Anti-Semitic is just about Arabia, which was all Muhammad intended to conquer.

David Wood is a Christian who posts a lot of videos on YouTube criticizing Islam.  He's studied the Islamic sources a lot so I find his videos very informative.  But he has a bias for wanting to interpret the evidence as negatively for Islam as possible.  And he seems to be a Trump supporter.  So it's important not to simply take his word for it on anything.

But sometimes even he acknowledges that the Koran verses used by Jihadis to support Terrorist attacks on Western Nations, state that they're justified because Western Nations are doing Mischief in Muslim lands.  Like in this video.

So in other words, completely agreeing with what Ron Paul was saying about Blow Back.

So that makes the Islamic teaching different from the Christian one, as we are supposed to turn the other Cheek.  But not seemingly too different from the Old Testament though, where how Samson went out is quite indistinguishable from a Suicide Bombing.

You can debate the above paragraph if you want.  But point is it's not that unreasonable for a religious text to encourage fighting back against an oppressor.  After all the Founding Fathers were Terrorists to the British.  As also the Maccabees were to the Greeks.

The thing is that regardless of how much their religious texts do or don't support it, the current situation the Islamic World is in encourages violent rebellion.  They spent centuries oppressed by the Ottoman Turks and then had their maps stupidly redrawn by the English and French after World War 1.

Under the Caliphs the Islamic World was pretty peaceful and prosperous and civilized compared to Europe at the same time.  The Islamic World is what it is now because of what Europe has done to it.

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