Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Response to Al Mohler

I've done prior posts about being a Libertarian Christian.  I saw a Video on YouTube I want to respond to against Libertarian Christians.

Others have responded to this too.

It contains a lot of strawmen and misconceptions.

The interviewer keeps putting Abortion at the top of his list, Abortion is an issue Libertarians are divided on, even secular libertarians (yes secular Pro-Lifers exist).

The whole "all the Government does is enforce morality" thing is stupid.  Yes everything that even the most hardened Libertarian agree should be illegal is also immoral.  But correlation does not equal causation  Those things are immoral for the same reason their illegal, (because their harmful to another person's life liberty or property).

He makes traffic laws his example, yes it is immoral to drive like a psychopath with no concern for other people's safety.  But that's not why it's illegal, it's illegal for the same reason it's immoral, because it endangers other people.  But also traffic laws don't exist just to restrain those nuts who won't care about them anyway.  They're also there to help the people with good intent know how to drive safe.  Because if different people had different ideas on the thing thing to do in certain situations then harm could happen with no willful Sin being committed at all.

He eventually gets to the Sexual Morality.  He mentions Incest, first of all many Libertarians do oppose Incest laws.  But those that do not do so only because of the perceived harm to the child that could be conceived of it.

All libertarians are internally consistent in their belief about Vicitmless Crimes.  Or the "Non aggression Principle" a term I generally prefer not to use.  But like within any other large philosophy there are debates about certain grey areas.  And those disagreements are purely on whether or not there is a victim in a given situation, no true Libertarian knowingly allows exceptions to this principle.

He calls it Idolatrous, I think opposing Libertarianisim is Idolatrous.  It makes the State your Idol.

He does a guilt by affiliation thing with Ayn Rand who was vocally anti-Christian.  Lots of beliefs of socially conservatives Christians have ties to dangerous secular ideas too.


  1. Appreciate the linkage. We may have to have a dialogue on the KJV-Only thing, though. ;)

    1. You're welcome.

      I different from standard KVJ oliers in many ways, mostly in that I do not discourage studying the Greek and Hebrew.