Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teaching Men not to Rape

Among those conservatives who choose to object to modern Feminism and it's talk about "Rape Culture", the most popular argument is taking offense at the notion that men need to be "Taught not to Rape", that it's somehow insulting to men to suggest Rape in inherent in them.

It's most amusing to me when I see people who are Evangelical Christians do this.  Because among the arguments we make when attempting to explain the doctrine of Original Sin (the true Biblical doctrine, not what it means to Catholics or Calvinists), will be to ask parents if they needed to teach their children to lie or steal?  The answer is no, they had to teach them not to lie and not to steal.

Rape is also part of the Sin nature, and not all forms of it are obvious.  Many men, as surprising as this may seem, have trouble comprehending that it's wrong to have sex with a woman who's passed out.

Perhaps many "Traditional" Christians think since they're teaching their kids not to have sex outside marriage at all that Rape isn't an issue then.

1. Rape can happen within marriage. Some Bible verses may get misused to justify/deny marital rape by making it seem one spouse is obligated to fulfill the needs of the other.  But none of that makes it right to force yourself on someone who doesn't want to right now.  And since the Torah has laws against lying with your wife while she's menstruating, it certainly knows people can't simply have sex on demand.

2. I've argued elsewhere forcing an overly strict moral standard on people can wind up leading to them abandoning trying to be moral altogether.  Especially if on sexual morality your teaching children based on an imaginary Bible verse that masturbation is somehow worse then prostitution.

So no matter how legalistic you are, at least begin your lessons on Sexual Morality by explaining that the worst Sexual Sin is Rape.  Mainly because it's more then a Sexual Sin, it's a violation of someone's personal Liberty.  And so any sexual act that is fully and unambiguously consensual would be preferable.

I will say it would be helpful to rephrase "Teach people not to Rape" because women can rape also, The Bible even records an example with Lot's daughters.

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