Friday, August 28, 2015

The problem with people who oppose Capitalism is

The problem with people who think they oppose Capitalism is, they think that's what we have. 

Is it what we have? Any Economic System involves Capital so you can argue yes. But when people like Ron Paul advocate Capitalism they mean Free-market Capitalism.

Free Market does NOT mean NO Regulations, "There can be no Freedom without the Law"-Moses form DeMille's The Ten Commandments 1956.

The current Super-Rich and mega Corporations do NOT want a Free Market because a true Free Market is founded on competition, and when your already on Top you want the Competition to be over. John D Rockefeller once said "competition is sin".

A Central Bank is the 5th Plant of the Communist Manifesto, and we have had one in the from of The Federal Serve since 1913. We had NO Central Bank from 1836 to 1913, and it was during that Period this nation went from an experiment that might fail at any moment to a World Super-Power. People like to think the 50s where the height of our prosperity, it was so only in a very superficial way. It was in fact during the 1880s that this country was the Richest in the World.

I'm not even sure I support Capitalism as much as I used to.  But this distinction still needs to be made.

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