Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gospel Portions

In-spite of my disagreement with some attitudes towards The law.  I am very much a supporter of being Torah observant.  The Hebrew Scriptures do need to be understood to fully understand God's Word.  The Gospel is simple but there is plenty of good fruit to find digging much deeper.

And even though it comes from Rabbinic Judaism I think even doing their Torah Portions spread over the year system can be very edifying.  Here is one website (with many views I don't agree with) that helps Believers do it from a Christian perspective.

But I feel that shouldn't be the only way we decide which Scriptures we are going to study each week.  Spending a year doing it that way every now and then can be great.  But there should be others methods as well.

I agree with the suggestion of one Local Racine Baptist Preacher then it's a good idea to take a 31 day month and read a chapter of Proverbs every day for that month.

While I agree with Rob Skiba that Christians acting like only the New Testament matters is very bad.  I do still feel strongly that The Gospels should be the Heart of The Bible for believers on this Side of The Cross.

So it came to me literately only hours ago right before I started work on this post and launching my own Virtual House Church Facebook Group.  To device a parallel schedule for going through The Gospels over the course of 54 weeks.

I'm not going to claim a copyright on this idea, I fully encourage others to come up with their own system.

Right now I've just started work on it and am hoping to have a plan ready by Nisan.

The 4 Gospels will be gone through Chronologically.  I do believe the order they are in in most Bibles is the order they were written in.  For each portion I will come up with different passages from elsewhere in Scripture in pair them with.

Here is the link to that Facebook group I started.

Follow up post.

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