Friday, March 4, 2016

My position this election

I may have to violate my old value of never voting for a Major Party candidate because of how uniquely frighting this election is.

I've ranted about this informally on my Tumblr.  I was perhaps a little overly hyperbolic there on a few things.

But the fact remains I'm willing to vote Bernie Sanders.  But I'll never vote for Hilary.

I'm frighted of Trump.  The small part of me that thinks maybe his anti establishment pretense is real also thinks he may be the only thing worse then the Establishment.

But Ted Cruz being so strongly tied to Dominionism frightens me far more then anything else however.  And that the Liberal media is mostly giving him a pass on all of that really shocks me.

But still with Trump I feel Godwin's law has officially become the Boy who cried Wolf.

Hitler comparisons have been thrown out by both parties extremists every election cycle, but especially the Left.  To the point where they just got tiresome

But Trump's movement has truly specific legitimate parallels to Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon and Cromwell, with the bizarre combination of Populism, unapologetic crony capitalism, Xenophobia, and openly threatening the military will obey him even if they morally object to his orders in last night's debate.

But because that comparison has been so casually applied to absolutely everyone up until now, it can't be taken seriously anymore.

I'm deeply saddened by the failure of the Ron Paul Revolution.  Even though I no longer agree with Ron Paul as much as I did in 2012 or 2008, I still believe he was a truly honest man with enthusiastic supporters who were enthusiastic for the right reasons.

In hindsight he couldn't win either of those elections.  But his torch could have been past on to a younger candidate to build on it and win in the future.  And Rand Paul was positioning himself to be that, but he blew it when he sold his soul to Mitt Romney.

Now the kinds of conservatives who Ron Paul used draw into a movement of Love are being suckered by Trump into a movement of Hate.  And the Anti-War people who see Obama as the war monger he is are going for Sanders.

Now the legacy of the movement rather then creating a Libertarian Wing in the Republican Party, is unwittingly creating a Socially Conservative wing in the Libertarian community that is killing it's potential appeal to young voters and anti establishment liberals.

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