Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'm a Univeralist, an Evangelical Universalist to be exact

I've been hesitant till today (November 9th 2016, Central Time Zone) to go fully Public with this.  Because until I was a Universalist I had no view you could label Theologically Liberal, I was a Theologically Conservative Social Liberal and Political Libertarian with Communist leanings.

The most important project on this Blog to me has been advocating for rethinking the traditional views on Sexual Morality especially Homosexuality.  And in the sense that that message is for Christians skeptical of the idea I was afraid of someone going "He's a Univeralist so of course he says anything goes", even though the main dissertation and the vital post on Plato and Augustine were all made before I became a Universalist.

However, I have decided that in terms of it as a message for LGBT people.  I decided it helps the Gospel to open with that you are not going to Burn for Eternity.  Regardless of if you agree with my theology or not.  I'm just asking that if you are open to being a Christian and an assumption about what The Bible says about Homosexuality is one of the main things holding you back.  To give my dissertation a read, others have made the argument before, but my argument is different, I never result to not taking The Bible literally.

I will be making more posts on the subject of Unviersalism.  Talking about ways my own take on it may differ from others.

I shall chronicle all posts relevant to this topic on the Universalism page.

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