Sunday, June 28, 2015

Eternal Security and Homosexuality

I haven't yet discussed Homosexuality with someone who agrees with me on Eternal Security.  I'm sure most Eternal Security supports hold the traditional view, but it seems the people who feel compelled to conform me on not viewing Homsoexuality as a Sin for even the most casual allusion I might make to it are people who think Salivation can be Lost, or Calvinists or that they can tell I'm not truly saved over such a disagreement.

If you hold the correct view on Eternal Security, then no matter what you think of Homosexuality you think it's possible for a Homosexual to be a truly saved person and continue being engaging in homosexual acts without losing his/her Salvation.  Because Repenting of Sin is not required for Salvation.

If you don't hold the right view on Eternal Security then I frankly don't even consider your thoughts on Homosexuality worthy of listening to, because you don't even have the right Gospel.  You have bigger problems.

Discussing the Homosexuality issue with people who aren't right on Eternal Security inevitably dovetails the issue to Eternal Security, because they question my Salvation.  It amazes me, all the incredibly theologically conservative views I lay out in my Statement of Faith, yet they think this issue addressed in 5 random verses is worth labeling an apostate.

I'm not a Homosexual even, just  Ciz-Het white male defender of Homosexuals against tyranny, who they assume must be Gay to even consider defending them.

So for once I'd like to try and discus the issue with someone willing to concede from the start that I am a fellow Believer.


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