Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Bishops of Alexandria were called Popes before the Bishops of Rome were.

The first use of the term "Pope" is in reference to Heracles of Alexandria (232-248). And he's refered to as such by the Bishop of Rome of all people.
I received this rule and ordinance from our blessed Pope, Heraclas
According to Eusebius Church History Book 7 Chapter 7.4.

Then his successor Pope Dionysus.
Saint Dionysius of Alexandria, named "the Great," 14th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark from December 28, 248 until his death on March 22, 264 after seventeen years as a bishop. He was the first Pope to hold the title "the Great" (before aBishop of Rome even). Dionysius' large surviving correspondence provides most of our information about him. Only one original letter survives to this day; the remaining letters are excerpted in the works of Eusebius.
Very interesting considering Alexandria was the Hot Bed of Gnosticism, and what I've observed about some earlier Bishops of Alexandria.

Catholicism took a long time to become what we know it as.  But the Seeds of it were there even in Pre-Nicean Christianity.

Jesus said to "call no man Father".

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